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Guaranteed Savings Contracts or Energy Performance Contracting

Energy Efficiency Projects

EEG’s proven success providing the total-source solution is unmatched in the industry. With EEG, performance contracting is simple. Our approach is innovative, systematic and proven.
We reduce your ever-increasing energy costs by bringing together the engineering expertise to design solutions that address your problems; the financial expertise to creatively fund capital investment through operating budgets; the construction expertise ensuring on-time and on-budget project completion with minimal interruptions; and operations and maintenance expertise to ensure long-term efficient performance.
The Energy Audit is the first step toward implementing a total Turnkey Energy Saving Project.

Once performed and a proposal is submitted, should the client wishes to proceed and implement the proposed Energy Conservation Measures , we will enter into three phases which represent the Turnkey Energy Saving Project.
Projects can be comprehensive or targeted such as a simple lighting retrofit one.


Three Phases of the Energy Efficiency Projects

EEG implements its projects in three distinct phases:

A. Implementation Phase:

The first step would be to finalize the Guaranteed Energy Saving Contract. The contract includes very clear articles on the savings guarantee provided.
EEG will work closely with its client in order to provide the best available financing options that start from normal payment terms to total project financing and leasing terms. In addition, EEG is responsible to fully prepare all the client's files in order to meet the requirement of any local subsidy or funds available through various organizations.
Savings Measurement & Verification Procedures is an important aspect in project negotiation as they will clearly indicate in the future the amount of energy saved.
Once the above are finalized, the project development, detailed engineering and design are finalized.
Equipment purchase, installation, and commissioning is undertaken.
EEG provides comprehensive and professional training on all Energy Conservation Measures used including all software that may be used in the project.

B. Performance Phase:

This consists of Measurement and Verification to assure savings over the term of the contract, ongoing monitoring, and maintenance procedures.
By taking the time during this phase to help refine operations and identify additional savings opportunities, we will be able to form a partnership with our clients to assure that savings goals are met.
Measurement & Verification
The main component of this phase is the application of the agreed upon Measurement & Verification (M & V) procedures.
M&V will be based on theInternational Protocol for Measurement and Verification Procedures (IPMVP)which is a protocol set by a consortium comprised of the US Department of Energy, the EU, and multiple other countries from Asia and Africa.

C. Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance Procedures:

An extensive monitoring system is a core part of all EEG's turnkey energy-saving projects. Following the full project implementation, EEG will be undertaking ongoing monitoring on all vital energy parameters of its client, in order to assure savings over the term of the contract.
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